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Are you a student (or former student) from an underrepresented background who is considering applying to a PhD program in Psychological Sciences, Cognitive Science, Neurosciences (including Cognitive, Animal and Human) or a related area (e.g., Linguistics or Speech and Hearing Sciences)? 

Would you like to connect with friendly faculty members, postdoctoral fellows or graduate students in your area who can give you advice and mentorship on topics like: choosing a program, feedback on your application materials, etc?

Then please sign-up (it takes less than 5 min!) by clicking on the button below to participate in the MAGIC program! You’ll have the opportunity to sign-up for our one-on-one matching program, our drop-in mentoring group, or both! The one-on-one video chats will be with University of Connecticut faculty, post-docs and Ph.D. students who want to mentor underrepresented aspiring doctoral students. 

During sign-up, you’ll be asked to provide some information about your educational background and goals. Since we aim to serve underrepresented students, we also ask for some demographic information.

Members of any underrepresented or historically minoritized group are invited to participate (including people with disabilities, first-generation college students and individuals from low-income backgrounds).

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