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Please fill out our brief (less than 5 min) survey by clicking on the button below to join our pool of mentors for underrepresented or first-generation students who are considering pursuing a PhD in Psychological Sciences, Cognitive Sciences, Speech Language and Hearing Sciences, Cognitive Neuroscience and adjacent areas.

You will be asked if you prefer to be matched with a specific mentee (or more than one if you like) who you would arrange to meet with at mutually agreeable times (our formal one-on-one mentoring program), and/or whether you are open to any of our mentees requesting meetings with you on an as-needed basis via a mentoring platform (our MAGIC group). If you choose the latter, you control how many meetings you take, and specify your availability for meetings (e.g., Friday mornings only). The mentoring platform that we are using (HuskyLink) also allows you to edit your availability under your profile to update how many meetings you can take per month, and to set an “unavailable” period during which mentees will be unable to make meeting requests. 

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